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Puppy School is delighted to be supported by Natures Menu, who have been creating 100% real, wholesome food for pets for over 35 years.

Our relationship with our sponsors Natures Menu means that we can offer a range of benefits to our clients joining our puppy classes.

We are so excited about the new Natures Menu puppy treats that we’ve put our name to them and you’ll see our logo on every packet of these delicious, high-quality and meat-rich (98%) treats, specifically designed in a smaller size for puppies. What’s more is that, if you sign up for a Puppy School course, your puppy will get their very own packet to try (as well as some other goodies). Read on to find out more…

Following booking onto classes, you will shortly receive a Nature’s Menu Puppy box delivered to your door completely FREE of charge

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Natures Menu

“Natures Menu are very proud to be sponsors of Puppy School. We have long been supporters of positive training techniques and strongly believe there’s no better place to start off on the right paw with your pup. Puppy School tutors have a wealth of information on behaviour and training and can help you choose which of our products may be the best option for your puppy. Natures Menu offer a bespoke Puppy School goodie box to all new sign-ups which contains lots of delicious free samples, money off vouchers and your all-important Puppy School Manual, so sign up today and begin your puppy training adventures!”

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager RVN Dip. Animal Nutrition Ass.Mem. CBC Member of the BVNA

Natures Menu Puppy Treats

Following booking into our classes you will shortly receive the Puppy School Course Manual and some vouchers from Natures Menu to spend on their tasty food and treats.

All puppies who are signed up to the course will receive:

  • 1 x Puppy School Manual
  • 1 x £15 off voucher redeemable from either www.naturesmenu.co.uk OR www.naturesvariety.co.uk  – orders over £30.00 is required on either site for the voucher to be valid.
  • 1 x packet of Natures Menu Puppy treats (as pictured) which will be given to you in your first class


Natures Menu raw food in bowls

Positive training and good nutrition go paw in hand


Natures Menu offers a range of products to help your puppy to start off on the right paw.

Their food ranges, made with naturally wholesome ingredients, are gentle on the stomach and easily digested by your growing puppy. To find out more about feeding your puppy the natural way, visit www.naturesmenu.co.uk  or ask your Puppy School tutor for more information.

Puppy School Training Manual

Puppy School Manual

The Puppy School Manual is provided in your FREE welcome goody box.

Our manual is designed to give you all the extra information you need and to help you practice the exercises we teach in classes at home. Our techniques are based on science and years of experience, so we know they work, but it is up to you and your family to do the practice every day to ensure a thorough and complete learning experience. For a well-behaved, well-trained dog, it is essential to practice everything little and often throughout the week.

We are proud to have Natures Menu as our sponsors as we share a common interest in the welfare and wellbeing of puppies and dogs.

Natures Menu meaty dog training treats

Discover Natural Pet Nutrition

Natures Menu have put together a host of helpful videos, articles and FAQs to help you feed your puppy a natural diet.

We recommend feeding a complete and balanced puppy food to ensure all vital nutrients are fed within the correct levels at this important developmental stage.

Always follow your online feeding calculator for information on feeding amounts, to ensure your puppy gets everything they need. Please visit www.naturesmenu.co.uk direct or ask your experienced Puppy School Tutor for more information